Navigate, survive, explore! Roam a vast underground ocean in a customised steamship. Trade with strange new lands. Battle sea monsters. Smuggle souls. Seduce your crew. Go mad and hallucinate lizards. You are the captain. It’s your call…

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Thirty years ago, London was stolen. Now it rests on the shore of the Unterzee, that old dark ocean under the world. Hell is close, immortality is cheap, and the screaming has largely stopped…

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Failbetter Games

Purveyors of only the finest examples of interactive narrative – Failbetter are an independent games studio, creating games and stories mostly set in the Fallen London Universe. At present there’s Fallen London itself, a highly acclaimed Victorian fantasy RPG set in a unique subterranean city, and Sunless Sea, an exploration and trading game set in a vast underground ocean of the same world.

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An Ambitious Update
Oct 14, 12:00am

Every character in Fallen London has an Ambition: an epic personal quest that will take them on a hair-raising ride through the city’s darkest secrets. It might be an oath to avenge a loved one’s death. The pursuit of your heart’s desire. A hunt for the Neath’s greatest treasure. It’s been a while since we […]

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STEEL update is live!
Oct 9, 12:00am

Steel is now available for all players through Steam and DRM-free with the Humble Widget. This is still the first release and there are issues, quirks and missing features – but it works, and is definitely fun. Here’s Liam to talk you through what’s new: We’ve made some changes to the way the map is […]

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Oct 7, 12:00am

In honour of the launch of Alien: Isolation (of which more later), here’s one of its cousins. The Dead Space series relies on monster closets. It does pretty well with monster closets, lovingly and abundantly placed. The first Dead Space is set on the Ishimura, a colossal mining ship with some memorable internal spaces. The second is […]

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Oct 17, 2:44pm

Further guidance on Unterzee battles. Today: increase your firepower!

Oct 14, 5:10pm

#SunlessSea is today's Daily Deal on Steam. A good moment for interested parties to embark:

Oct 14, 12:31pm

Who among you has ambition? #fallenlondon

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